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I did what I had to do to keep my club on top of the game. Charlie Richmond wasn't part of that plan.

Our Dark Duet

When her truth becomes mine, the world around us threatens to crumble. I ran the club the way I thought our old president, Savage would have wanted. I wanted this club to thrive, which it has. Something was off though. My heart was missing something I didn't even know it needed. They slay dragons and climb towers to rescue beautiful princesses they immediately marry and impregnate.

Romances end with a happily ever after. This is not a romance. This is a love story. The characters are flawed to the point of being broken. The hero is beautiful, but ugly in ways that defy the ordinary imagination. There is no prince coming to save her. While love blooms and thrives, there is no happily ever after. Love does not always begin or end the way we wish it would. A love story can happen to anyone. This one happened to me. You show up out of the fucking blue and just expect me to fall on my back and throw my legs open for you?

Happiness is terrifying. My preferred cup of tea!

So easy. So fast. So Target.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! View all 51 comments. Then I have to give credit to C. She was not an innocent girl anymore, not after what she has been through. Then, things sweetened up a little bit and I was kind of bored for moments. The book is totally fine, just not for me.

Read The First 4 Chapters Of Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

I was a crying mess when reading that at the end of SITD and I was really looking forward to that moment again when I started Epilogue. I mean, we cannot expect Livvie to do not ask questions or to trust him no matter what. I like real things, I like real heroines and I loved that part. I know C. This is how I am picturing him right now. Ladies, you can spank me now for not giving this 5 stars, can't wait! You all know how much I love a good spanking Feb 12, Jamie rated it it was amazing. Epilogue lived up to every one of my expectations. Epilogue starts off with Caleb deciding to give us his side of the story..

Caleb tells us his story of his journey to win Livvie back. Although she is still deeply and irrevocably in love with Caleb, he still has to prove that he's not going anywhere Caleb is completely obsessed with Livvie and will do whatever it takes to keep her.. It was alive, the void, and it would not be filled with vengeance. It was not soothed by my attempts to right my wrongs. It was not pleased by random women.


It did not sleep, despite the amount of drink I imbibed to dull my senses. One of the things I loved most about this book was that although Caleb had set out to reclaim Livvie, he was still his dark and twisty self with the sharp sexual edge we've come to love about him. Caleb still knows how to make Kitten's body react just the way he wants.. We get to see Caleb grow He knows he doesn't deserve Livvie, but he wants to be a better man FOR her.

Yes, this was an amazing end to the story of Caleb and Livvie but I'm sad it's over. I can only hope that perhaps C. It's very dark and upsetting at times but it's a truly stunning story. Not many books have made me feel as confused about my feelings as C. This is what a good book does, it takes you into the story and doesn't let you go.

I've never read another character like Caleb and I'm quite sure I never will. He's one of a kind I got nothing but love for you baby!! View all 24 comments. Feb 03, La-Lionne rated it it was amazing Shelves: action-packed , very-cool , bad-boy , bdsm , dark-erotica , emotional , my-favorites , sexy , favorites , funny. Thank you for the ride C. Roberts, I enjoyed every single word of it. I can't believe the journey ends here It was one helluva unforgettable ride.

I think at this point analyses of the book is unnecessary. Those who've read C. J Roberts previous books know that she is brilliant at what she does. All I can think about at this point is the fact that TDD series has come to an end. I feel like I should wait a day or two to write the review, but here comes my babble :. This books isn't as intense as her previous books, but just as emotional. It's about Livvie and Caleb leaving past behind and starting new. The story grips your attention from the very beginning and holds it to the very end. Caleb and Livvie already got their happy ending.

We've read Livvie's point of view, and now, Caleb tells us his. And it's freaking brilliant! Their first meeting after a year isn't very pleasant. And who can blame Livvie? WTF Caleb? I would have done the same thing But OMG it's hard to hate him. In so many ways he is still the same, but you also get to see his softer side Yeah, I know, who knew he had one I can't promise you I'm a completely different person. I'm messed up in ways most people can't possibly understand, but I care about you.

I had to find you and tell you you're the only thing I care about anymore You get to see how far they've come since their first meeting. Their second-first meeting is hard on both of them. Both of them are hurt, confused and unsure, but that thing that drew them together is still there. There is no unnecessary drama. Yes, there is a lot of questions, but they both are willing to meet the other one halfway.

That is what was so amazing about this book. When they finally got to that "We are gonna be okay" place, it was joy to read. It was both fun and sad to. Fun because Because they both have a very kinky side to them. Roberts knows how to keep readers entertained :-D. It was nice to see Livvie having a little bit of power for once The biggest surprise of all was Livvie, and her ability to forgive Caleb. Don't get me wrong, I like Livvie, loved her from the very beginning, but her strength and how understanding she was amazed me.

It's impossible not to love her. I understand why Caleb was struggling so much. He wanted to the right thing, but how could you let go of someone like her? Caleb still has his kink on, but he is not the same man we got to meet in the first book. He is thoughtful and considerate when it comes to Livvie. It's not easy. He lived in that dark hole for a very long time, but f ck me if he doesn't try to be the man that she deserves.

Livvie, you kinky kinky girl It was nice to see her having some power. Although sometimes I wasn't sure who was on top, there was no mistake that she was Caleb's equal. There were many situations where she gladly gave up the control, but only because she knew she could trust him. And it was oh-so-pleasurable to read Fantastic read. Writing is superb, amazing character development. Roberts next book. On the release day of TDD3 there was a mistake done by either amazon or Roberts herself, and it resulted in readers getting the draft instead of the finished copy of the book.

I had to wait the whole day before I got the finished version of the book. Waiting was excruciating :. When I finally found out that the full book was available I decided to read the draft first. I am physically fucking ill thinking about all ppl reading that shitty draft. So, I decided to read it to see for myself. And let me tell you what. If every writer could write a draft at least half as "bad" as Roberts draft, there would be at least 4 star reviews from me every.

View all 41 comments. Jun 23, Aleatha Romig rated it it was amazing Shelves: consensual , bdsm , erotic , not-dark , highly-recommend , fun , spanking , novella. First let me say I found this series because it was often compared to mine. The Dark Duet and Epilogue are erotic, mine are not. But - we do have a kind of "mind-fuck" in common.

Now, with that said I couldn't sleep, I HAD to know what would happen next. I knew the endin First let me say I knew the ending, yet I continually worried something unforeseen would occur! I loved watching Caleb's inner struggles and transformation. It gives me hope for redemption! Well done C. I'm gonna fan fic in my own head about their future! Well, I already did. And I have a big smile on my face!!! J's goodreads page. It has been over a week since I read Epilogue and the alternate ending left me with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and a huge smile on my face! Thanks C. Those three words made the entire story - all three books even better if that were possible!

I always say I'm not a romantic, but maybe I'm wrong! View all 7 comments. As the title suggests, this is not a re-telling of the first two stories, but a conclusion that offers sporadic flashbacks into Caleb's dark past. While I didn't necessarily dislike this addition, I found it extremely inconsistent with the overall tone of the story. Epilogue opens with Caleb inviting us into his world—generously letting us step into his twisted and tortured mind. He speaks directly to the reader in a very personal manner, which I adored.

Although I was happy to see that Caleb wasn't spontaneously cured of his emotional demons, I must admit, it wasn't at all what I expected. I understand time has passed and both Caleb and Livvie have changed—but there were many moments where Caleb's character felt too different from his original persona. Rather than appearing as a broken man evolving, he came across as two separate characters, and I couldn't help getting tripped up by the blatant disconnect. I also had mixed emotions over the way Caleb and Livvie were portrayed in a domestic, 'normal' setting.

The fact that they were attempting their shot at normalcy was heartwarming, inspiring, and strange to witness all at the same time. Some things are just better left unsaid, and I feel the Dark Duet was too intense and exquisitely twisted to turn around and attempt a conventional aftermath where Caleb watches Harry Potter and plays Rock Band with quirky, upbeat friends. Not to say that I'd prefer seeing these characters bask in misery, but it didn't feel genuine no matter how hard I willed it to.

That said, we do often see Caleb in a state of despair, fighting to extinguish his old ways--and he does achieve much redemption while doing so. Livvie struggles to let go of the pain he has caused her and remains a solid support system for Caleb. I was learning that happiness also presents new ways to suffer. Misery, I understand. I really liked the design of this story and how it was constructed to reveal Caleb writing his own book for us. This author has a unique and beautiful way with words and my favorite parts in this story were the glimpses of Livvie's touching writing.

The amazing Duet books will remain forever with me; they dared me to leap out of my comfort zone and I have found many more beautiful reads because of that! All-in-all, this was a decent, somewhat uneventful, but tender epilogue that concluded a truly stunning series. Not entirely convincing. Author excels at engaging the reader.

The Dark Duet Series by CJ Roberts (Book Trailer).m4v

Not going to read this! But you guys can.. OH MY Oct 31, Bibi rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotica. I loved hearing Caleb's voice and his POV was so heartbreaking. Dear lawd, my heart broke for this man, who had to have had the worst childhood ever. My poor heart I loved him and Livvie together, both navigating the tenuous link that binds them even though their journey started from a dark and evil path. I loved how he found her and how Livvie forgave him and accepted him back.

It was so sweet.. This was a perfect conclusion Awwww. This was a perfect conclusion to the series. Thanks CJ. Will I remember in a month? Yes, certainly. Do I recommend? Yes Will I buy other books by this author? View all 16 comments. Shelves: buttsex-anal-play , erotica-dark , smokin-hot-drippin-wet , do-me-baby , he-owns-my-heart , bdsm , ebooks-i-own , stalkerific-alpha. While I no longer kill, I am a killer.

A killer in love is a very dangerous thing. I loved knowing what was going on inside his head. Caleb has been looking for Sophie and it has taken a lot of work to find her.

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She didn't make it easy. She was once his captive, but he made the mistake of falling in love with her. You kill me. Pepper spray? She appears to have moved on from her traumatic abduction and rescue. She's attending college and has become her own woman. Will she be receptive to Caleb becoming a part of her life, now that she has had time to reflect on all the horrible things that happened to her after he abducted her.

Stop hitting me! She hit me so hard my damn eyes were watering I was not crying — eyes water. Caleb had to meet Livvie on her terms. He was no longer in total control, but at her mercy. Their reunion was full of emotions. Anger, Love, Lust, and Betrayal simmured between these two. I loved watching these two fall in love again but as two completely different individuals. I loved how Livvie was able to find a way to tell her story in a way that allowed Caleb to see things from her point of view.

This Epilogue was the perfect ending to a phenomenal series. Caleb sums things up perfectly. It will make your heart smile to see these two happy together ;o View all 34 comments. ETA: Alternate ending posted by C. I've put it under the spoiler incase you don't want to see it! Well, we begged for it and now we have it This story is exactly what I thought it would be and everything I didn't think it would be.

What I wasn't expecting is how much I would miss Livvie and how raw and exposed we would find Caleb. My Caleb Both Livvie and Caleb have changed But we get to experience with them, how and if the new Livvie and Caleb can work. And it's a little unnerving seeing the two sides of them mesh together. Livvie suggested that there are times for them to be Sophia and James and times for them to be Livvie and Caleb and I thought that was ingenious.

But I like how Caleb said it best: And of course, we get many amazing, steamy sex scenes from Kitten and Sexy I did enjoy all of Caleb's firsts and I have to hand it to Livvie and how well she incorporated things. I was a little surprised at first at Caleb's go with the flow "vibe", I really thought he would be involved in all kinds of things. But it worked for him and I think his "exercise program" was a big help as was his construction projects.

I really enjoyed the parts that Rubio and Claudia brought to the story. I got a kick out of all the things that Caleb thought and how he came around on some things. Who knew that Caleb could be so funny My favorite, favorite thing was another first And the ending?

Well, curses CJR But as Frank Herbert was quoted, "There is no real ending. I loved all Caleb's little comments to the reader! View all 75 comments.

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Feb 09, Stacia the club rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Only the most die-hard Dark Duet fans. Shelves: adult , bdsm-or-person-in-control , dark-or-taboo , romantica-or-erotica , contemporary-romance , anthology-or-short-story. The sex was Post-trauma Livvie and Caleb as a couple outside of the bedroom, however There's something about seeing the "after" that tends to mess with the entire experience. Sometimes I'd rather be left on my own to imagine what happens next.

Watching people in a domesticated setting kills some of the mystery. Example : Any Fever series fans remember the travesty that was Barrons view spoiler [grilling hide spoiler ]? But I was curious enough to read this and it was still hot The sex was I'm glad that Caleb wasn't "miraculously" normal after all he'd been through.

Do I think he was less creepy than he should have been, given how twisted he was before? But the author did a good job of balancing who he was before and who he is now without tipping too far in either direction. There had to be some healing and some semblance of humanity poking around in there, or the entire epilogue would have been pointless.

But if he'd all of a sudden become a completely level-headed and mainstream-functioning individual, it would have killed the point of books 1 and 2. Overall, I don't gather that there was a necessary epilogue happening here. Book 2 ended the story at a good point. But fans who can't get enough of these characters will probably enjoy checking this short book out.

View all 28 comments. Feb 04, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , favorites. This journey had its ups and downs but I never thought that it would end in this way. I'm really glad I read these books because characters as Livvie should be mimicked. What I mean is that even though she was manipulated so badly she managed to stay strong on her feet again. It was difficult to forget him , to erase her past but what about Caleb?

This book has all the answers about these two people. I'm very happy that the author decided to write the Epilogue. Caleb's void roars in life and the only person who can make him whole again is Livvie. He has to find her , be with her! Livvie is willing to try again with him.

Start everything from the beginning , be a normal couple , but is that even possible since they're both fucked up in the worst ways? It is very nice to see these two trying. Livvie is really good in pretending that is a normal college girl. Caleb on the other hand left me laughing so hard. Oh god he was such a caveman. Around her he is soft and we can see that he is a human after all. I dont know how the author did this but I ended up liking him. I dont know what's wrong with me but I cant review this book so I'm stopping here.

I loved it and that's all it matters. These two characters will definitely stay with me forever. Can I say goodbye? Not really. Ok, the epilogue confused me a lot. I want to believe that we arent saying a goodbye forever but that we will see them again. I'm looking forward to more : PS; quoted pics are edited by me so feel free to use them but dont claim them as yours View all 47 comments. Feb 04, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was ok Shelves: m-f , mixed-emotions , blah , everyone-else-loves-it , sex-sex-and-more-sex , hype-hype-hype , romance , hot-hot-hot , full-of-angst.

When I open a book by C. Roberts, I expect dark twisted romance, kinky sex, and angst to the highest degree. I don't want to read pages and pages of dull dinner parties and playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band? I forget, I was too busy yawning. This book was taking the bad ass of all bad asses Caleb and making him do horribly mundane things.

I don't want to see Caleb cooking freaking dinner or making puns or going clothes shopping. This book was like turning on all the lights during a one night stand and finding out that the person you are hooking up with has oozing boils on his face To boot, nothing happened in this book! I wanted some tension, some adrenaline but instead I just got never-ending chapters of whiny complaining.

Le sigh At least the sex was hot smoking at times, hence the extra star. However, I still just wanted them to go balls to the wall and this was just so wishy washy. In the end, I actually wish that I ended their story on book two. It was perfect. Now my memory of Livvie and Caleb is marred by this View all 20 comments. Yes Caleb.. What I was expecting was a summary of what happened from Caleb's mind. J Roberts gave me that and much much more. If it was possible to 5 million stars!!!

If it was possible to rate a book more than 5 stars this would be it! How can "anyone understand what love is without experiencing it? It would be like trying to describe "color to a blind man. Some things you have to see for yourself. To understand love, you have to "feel it for yourself. If "I were a wolf, I would howl. If I were a lion, I would roar. If we lived in the jungle, I would bring "her a wolf and a lion to feast on. I think we all know I'm a badass and I don't cry. That includes puppies, babies, rainbows, sunsets, and sunrises. Horny when Caleb is horny!! This Caleb is sexy, funny, sweet and at times he is so broken that you actually feel his pain to your core!

His inner conflict and self loathing just show us that Caleb is a good man just as Livvie thought. Epilogue is so much more than just Caleb's POV- it fills in the gaps and answers all the questions we had BUT what's even more special we are taken into the future with Caleb and Livvie who are now Sophia and James. And she's good at it. August Flynn is a monster who can never be human. No matter how much he once yearned for it. He has a part to play. And he will play it, no matter the cost.

Nearly six months after Kate and August were first thrown together, the war between the monsters and the humans is a terrifying reality. In Verity, August has become the leader he never wished to be, and in Prosperity, Kate has become the ruthless hunter she knew she could be. When a new monster emerges from the shadows-one who feeds on chaos and brings out its victim's inner demons-it lures Kate home, where she finds more than she bargained for.

She'll face a monster she thought she killed, a boy she thought she knew, and a demon all her own. Other books in this series. This Savage Song V. Add to basket. Our Dark Duet V.